30 April 2007


epicure (noun): a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment, especially food and drink.

The Spouse and I have been on several lunch dates to experience the pleasures of food and drink. On one of our lunch dates, we went to Luigi Malones in Temple Bar. I have read reviews of this restaurant , some good and some bad...but in our experience each visit has been a pleasant one. The thin pizza crust was baked to perfection on my roasted vegetable pizza.


DaviMack said...

Oh, my. Such temptation for the dieters... ;)

Ger said...

Oh Diane that food looks great especially the pizza. We too have been to Luigi Malone's and have had good experiences too. I love the food there.

Mary said...

Hi Diane, you are making me hungry.

Anonymous said...

The food looks great, I believe you when you sayt it was a good experience!!